So…Glitter Pits Are a Thing Now


Glitter pits
(Image credit: Instagram)

If you're still reeling from #glitterbeard–a recent social media trend that has men covering their beards in glitter to resemble what would happen if a lumberjack and a pixie made out—then you better prepare yourself because glitter pits are coming to town. 

Whereas #glitterbeard is mostly for fun, however, #glitterpits is a feminist campaign to free the armpit, achieve "equality in the under-arms region," and "show that your furry pits are beautiful."

And while it's been around for awhile,  it seems to have started gaining momentum as of late, presumably because 1) it's the holidays (*sparkles*) and 2) it's a response to all the #glitterbeard fun men are having. 

Now, unlike a beard, it's kind of unclear how much you can actually flaunt your sparkly new armpit in the dead of winter. And like many social media "trends," this is probably limited to a few adventurous people on Instagram and not something everyone in your office will suddenly be doing. But we're all about letting everyone do their own thang—and if that means glitter pits, you do you.

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