The Game-Changing Eyelash Trick We're Stealing from Sophia Loren

So, so, *so* easy.

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(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

Since she first shook up the silver screen in the '50s, Sophia Loren has had one of the most iconic gazes in the world. And while her striking almond-shaped, honey-hued eyes are a gift bestowed upon her by Mother Nature, her makeup tricks are up for grabs thanks to a recent tutorial from Lisa Eldridge starring biggest-beauty-vlogger-in-the-world Huda Kattan.

Of all the game-changing tips we found in the 18-minute long video (seriously, it's worth a watch), our biggest takeaway was Loren's unique approach for applying fake lashes. 

"Rather than glue them right down to the outer corner, she lifted them from the middle and out, so they were a little bit above the lashes and slightly elongated," explains Eldridge. "It was her trick for a big-eye look."

It feels a little counterintuitive, but basically you want to resist the urge for the falsies to end at the outer corner of your eye, where your real lashes do—instead you want to make like Loren and pull them a little bit past that point, so they're extended onto your cat-eye flick. 

BRILLIANT. I mean, seriously, where has this trick been all of our lives?

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(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

What's more is that the technique looks especially amazing paired with one of the oldest tricks in the Hollywood beauty book: A double cat eye accented with white eyeliner. Beloved by Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and Kim Kardashian alike, it's all about making the eyes appear larger by extending the upper and lower lashlines. You can see Ethridge give Kattan the look in the video below or by following our step-by-step tutorial here.

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