Diaper Rash Cream Is Apparently the New Way to Cure Breakouts

For serious.

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That's right—beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai, of the onion-on-your-browsturmeric-on-your-teeth persuasion, is back at it again with the miscellaneous household items that are supposed to make you more beautiful. But this time around, she has an even more wild notion to wrap your head around: Diaper rash cream as an acne treatment. 

In a video on Instagram, Dhukai applies Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash Cream all over her face set to Drake's "One Dance" (because #VIEWS 🙏)  explaining in the caption that the formula's zinc oxide and calendula ingredients help sooth inflammation.

Enticing in a will-this-give-me-baby's-butt-skin? kind of way, but still endlessly weird, we needed an expert opinion. And let's just say we won't be tossing our go-to spot treatments anytime soon.

"Although diaper rash creams have a combination of ingredients that help babies recover from the irritation of yeast, moisture, and bacteria, not all the ingredients are helpful when applied to the face," explains Nazarian. "Applying zinc oxide to the face is not a good idea for acne-prone skin as it causes occlusion of the skin and can trap sweat and heat underneath, oftentimes triggering acne."

Yes, while some diaper rash creams have soothing ingredients that can help acne, others can actually make your breakouts worse. The verdict? Stick to actual acne medication that's formulated to transfer the active ingredients you want versus what you don't want.

Try: Sephora Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying Mask, $20; sephora.com.

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