The "Fridge Facelift" Could Change Your Look Overnight and Here's How

From plumper lips to lifted lids.

Whether you're needle phobic, broke AF, or just not trying to do anything permanent to your face, there is an alternative to fillers for a more youthful-looking visage. And it lies in your fridge, according to Dr. Anthony Youn, cosmetic surgeon and author of The Age Fix. 

Dr. Youn, who first coined the term "Fridge Facelift" back in 2014—and may or may not be putting himself out of work with this wallet-friendly revelation—wants you to know that many of the AHAS (alpha hydroxy acids) and antioxidants concentrated in expensive anti-aging skincare products can be found amidst your groceries. And like pricey procedures, they can work to reduce wrinkles and lighten dark spots.

From the all-natural lip plumper to the most organic of chemical peels, here's how you can make yourself prettier overnight with at-home treatments that just happen to be adjacent to last night's takeout.

1. Pepper Lip Plumper: You know that stingy feeling on your lips when you've eaten something really spicy? That's pepper drawing blood to the surface, which naturally makes them fuller. The easiest way to achieve this effect is by combining a teaspoon of lip balm with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

2. Greek Yogurt Brightening Mask: Full-fat, plain yogurt is packed with lactose enzymes that create a healthy glow by dissolving dead skin cells, calming inflammation, and reducing the appearance of discoloration. Not to mention, the coolness from the fridge will reduce puffiness/feel amazing on the face.

3. Apple Chemical Peel: Apple juice, applesauce, and apple cider vinegar each contain malic acid, which acts as a natural exfoliant. Dr. Youn suggests mixing apple juice with egg whites to shrink-wrap the face i.e. leave the pores tighter for a smoother complexion. 

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4. Green Tea Eyelid Lift: Green tea contains caffeine, which reduces puffiness and dark circles by shrinking blood vessels. While placing teabags under the eyes is one of the oldest tricks in the book, Youn suggests addressing droopy lids by dripping green tea on raw white potato slices, then placing them on the lids.

5. Mayo Eye Cream: Again, egg whites = shrink-wrap, so dabbing mayo around the eyes can help prevent/lessen the appearance of crows feet. For extra hydration, team it with a moisturizing oil before application, then leave it on for 30 minutes.

6. Avocado Moisturizer: This superfood doubles as a potent moisturizing mask thanks to its vitamins and antioxidants, which include beta carotene, lecithin, and potassium, as well as Vitamins A, C, D, and E. These ingredients also help protect the skin against environmental damage. Creating the mask is as easy as scooping the meat, mashing it until it's lump-free, smoothing it on, and leaving it on for as long as you want (or before it turns brown!).

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