Forget BB Cream—BB *Teas* Are the New Skincare Multi-Taskers

Sip it real good.

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Having gone on one myself, I know the power of a good teatox. It doesn't just keep you perpetually caffeinated or quell day-to-day anxieties, but also offers up clearer skin and softer, healthier lips. So when I first read about the BB (Beauty Beverage) tea trend, it made perfect sense. 

BB creams, AKA beauty balms, multi-task. They moisturize, protect skin against UV rays, diffuse blemishes and redness, and can be used as a primer before foundation. Basically, they create an ideal makeup canvas on the outside. But you know that saying great skin starts within? That's where BB tea comes in. Certain blends basically become beauty elixirs, helping you fake that I-don't-do-trans-fats glow.

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Case in point? The leader of this of the sip-and-whip-your-skin-into-shape movement, Kusmi Tea's I ❤  My BB Detox, which fuses green tea, maté, rooibos, guanana, and dandelion, and grapefruit. Green, the OG of teas let's face it, is what's doing a lot of the heavy lifting. 

"It's packed with antioxidants called catechins and polyphenols, which help protect skin from UV radiation by decreasing the chances of sunburn," explains dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D. at Schweiger Dermatology Group. "And like other anti-oxidants, they help decrease redness and inflammation." Other major players in the ingredients game are dandelion and rooibos, both of which are go-to's for flawless human Miranda Kerr thanks to their cleansing and detox effects.

In addition to its visage-overhauling powers, Kusmi's BB blend also just tastes really good. Tropical, but not overly fruity, it's going to be my go-to, both hot and iced, all summer long.

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Kusmi BB Detox, $35.70 for 8.8 ounces;

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