9 Things Only Women with Sensitive Skin Understand

Le sigh.

1. Pleasure-induced redness. When you're simply enjoying the finer things in life (red wine, Sriracha, etc.), but are hypersensitive to them and your face instantly turns bright red. Like, can I live?

2. The gamble of trying new products. You could be one mystery ingredient away from sending your complexion throwing a legitimate sh*t fit.

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3. Finding The One. TFW you finally find your dream foundation and it's a total come-to-Jesus-moment. Mine's Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation, btw.

4. Being green with skin envy. When you meet someone with a flawless complexion and can't concentrate on anything they're saying. Sorry, I was distracted by your utter lack of discoloration.

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5. Dove is literally your ride-or-die. Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and unscented? The holy grail.

6. The cost of a long, steamy shower. When you indulge in a lengthy hot shower and pay a dear, dear price. Inflamed arms and knees for days.

7. The blush conundrum. When you're totally mystified by how to apply blush because your cheek area is already flushed. 

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8. Two letters: K and P. Sensitive skin and chicken skin (AKA Keratosis Pilaris) go hand in hand. And thus, lathering cocoa butter on your limbs is basically a pastime.

9. Post-wax hibernation. When you get your brows or upper lip waxed and these areas are red for practically a week.

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