I Got a Lash Lift and It Was Like a Push-Up Bra for My Eyes

Never going back again.

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When it comes to lashes, I like to keep things simple.

I don't use a curler (I fear I'm one flinch away from losing it all) and I've never gotten extensions, which are two things that are practically unheard of in this industry. (Bad beauty editor!) I just swipe on a few layers of mascara—benefit's They're Real! Mascara really does live up to the hype—and call it a day. But having heard a fellow editor eulogize about the powers of getting a lash lift, 2016's answer to the old-fashioned lash perm, I couldn't pass it up when the opportunity presented itself.

Before I knew it, I was belly up on a table, while my lashes marinated in a perm elixir. The whole process took 35 minutes and, aside from the perm-y odor, it was so relaxing I literally fell asleep on the table. On average, a treatment costs anywhere from $150-$200 and lasts for up to eight weeks.

As opposed to a traditional curling rod, Sugarlash founder Courtney Buhler set my lashes by taping down a plastic shield (sized small, medium, or large depending on length) on my lids, brushing up the lashes, then applying a perming solution. The processing time depends on how strong the natural lashes are and can range from 6-12 minutes. (I had it on for about 10.) She followed this with a setting solution, then topped things off with a nourishing oil, which functions kind of like the super-moisturizing conditioner packet you'll find in boxed hair color.

When I opened my eyes, I was admittedly a little blink-y, but as soon as I regained my bearings, I was shocked by how awake I looked despite having just taken a disco nap. There was a tidal wave of curl that made my eyes look more open. The iris' and whites stood out like never before. And my fanned-out, yet natural-looking fringe made me feel like I could do the imaginable and skip eyeliner. And this was all BEFORE mascara. All I had to do was wait 24 hours before wetting my lashes and sleep carefully so as not to cause weird bends...

The only downside of getting a lift is that I know realize how droopy my lashes were before. I'll never look at them the same. On the bright side, they look amazing—beckoning are those your real lashes? inquires left and right— and will be like this for two whole months/require zero maintenance. 

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