The Craziest, Most Mesmerizing Highlighters We've Seen on the Internet


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Highlighter is, without question, beauty's newest obsession. And some have taken the idée fixe to a whole new level. It's not just about strobing, but toting around compact art. 

From Pat McGrath's alien-esque Skin Fetish 003 to one makeup flogger's ode to pizza, things are getting weird and wonderful. Here are the out-of-this-world luminizers we can' stop staring at:

1. Rainbow Highlighter

Etsy shop BitterLaceBeauty sent Instagram into a tizzy when its handmade rainbow highlighter, aptly named the Prism Palette, went viral. Forget tasting the's all about sculpting it into the face.

2. Thermal Highlighter

Proving that the internet's love for the rainbow stuff knows no bounds, bloggers and makeup artists have started using the Prism Palette to create thermal highlighter, which makes the face look like it's getting a thermal body scan. Trippy, no?

3. Black Highlighter 

In case his Instagram grid wasn't enough of an indication, makeup blogger Jeffree Star loves him a good highlight. And a multi-colored a one at that. But Star might be crossing over to the dark side if his Snapchat is any indication. 

4. Pizza Highlighter

There's literally nothing on this earth we love more than pizza. Beauty comes in a close second, so naturally we were all here for the most Internet-y offering of 2016: Pizza Highlighter. A handmade creation by self-taught makeup artist Gina Kay, it is a thing of beauty. Though no word yet on how it actually looks on the face.

5. Skin Fetish 003

Makeup genius Pat McGrath has but one instruction for those who use her new highlighter: "Use without caution." And that's exactly what the beauty community has done, creating all sorts of face art with one or both of the frosty pink or gold shades.  

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