Blake Lively Only Uses This *One* Tool to Create All Her Iconic Hair Looks

One tool, every wave and curl imaginable.

Blake Lively has the most envied hair in all of Hollywood—they don't call it The New Rachel for nothing.

And as if her long, thick, and golden mane isn't envy-inducing enough, she can pull off virtually any hairstyle, from Old Hollywood pin curls to to a full-on '80s perm. When I spoke to Lively's hairstylist Rod Ortega about the latter look recently, I was flabbergasted when he revealed that he only uses ONE tool to create all her looks: The T3 Whirl Convertible Styling Wand.

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The key word being convertible, the T3 Whirl has interchangeable barrels including a1.5", 1" straight barrel, and a tapered1.25"-0.75". And with it in your arsenal, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and did we mention that like Blake, the T3 whirl is extremely easy on the eyes. Sleek and white, with shiny gold detail, it's a true vanity-worthy looker.

So you too can have perpetually good hair days à la Blake, here's a quick-and-dirty guide to the texture each barrel yields.

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The 1" barrel is ideal for big, voluminous curls, especially on longer hair. They can be uniform and polished or a little bit more messy and imperfect. The key is too make sure you get a nice lift at the roots.

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The 1" barrel is very versatile—not too big, not too small if you're looking for, solid, not-too-spirally waves. This said, it's great for vintage-inspired 'dos, like soft, brushed-out Veronica Lake waves, which are a favorite of Blake's.

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This tapered 1.25"-0.75" barrel can deliver many different types of curls depending on whether you're wrapping the hair around the tip or the base, but it's especially amazing for natural-looking curls like that which you might get from an '80s perm. Just make sure you give it the 2016 update.

"With my fingers, I wrap the hair just like a corkscrew around the iron, but make it more modern by not fully curling the ends," explains Ortega. "It's less curly-Q and gives it more of a boho look."

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The T3 Whirl Convertible Styling Wand, $270;

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