Why You Don't Need to Buy Highlighter

Strategic shininess ≠ dropping $$.

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Highlighting: an old thing that's gotten a second wind because of Instagram and Pat "Midas" McGrath. But before you shell out for a mermaid-scale palette, reach for these three products—they'll work just as well, *plus* they're already hanging out in your beauty stash.


Powder is good (for drier complexions), cream is better because it melts into the skin. Touch your cheekbones, inner eye corners, nose indent, etc., with tones of champagne, gold, and peach. Caution, though: No one sweats glitter—no matter how trendy it is at the moment—so stick to finely milled shimmers.

Lip balm

Another product several of our editors misuse/willfully ignore the instructions for is lip balm, which makes sense when you've got things like Make's Face Gloss on the market. The trick here is to go for a waxy or tacky formula (Glossier!), rather than Juicy Tube-sticky (remember those?). Although, if your hair still gets stuck, you could just play it off like you're paying homage to FKA Twigs or Givenchy.


Betcha didn't see this one coming. Full story here, but the gist is to go back in with more just on the high planes of the face after an allover application of this very specific, very powerful sunscreen.


Actinica Daylong Lotion, $22, amazon.com.

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