The One Thing Kylie Jenner Does to Her Brows to Make Them Look Good All the Time

It's not makeup...

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Nary a day goes by that we don't catch Kylie Jenner donning her "everyday glam" face beat, which requires no fewer than 24 products. But recently, in an unforeseen turn of events, she took to Snapchat without a lick of makeup. Yes you read that right: Kylie, bare-faced.

Or was she? One fan took the reality star to task for her suspiciously-fleeky brows.

And Kylie, being the plugged-in star that she is, responded swiftly.

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Aha! Brow tinting, of course. Much like getting a lash lift, it's one of those sneaky beauty treatments that are super subtle, yet make SUCH a difference.

How Brow Tinting Works

A brow specialist uses a semi-permanent vegetable dye to change the color of the arches, typically to darken their natural color. This results in vibrant color, a thicker-appearing hair pattern, and more definition in shape.

The Rules of Brow Tinting

1. Make sure you're working with a licensed professional. For one, they can assess if it's the right time to tint your brows, as they might need to be grown in or reshaped. And then there's the matter of being safe, because your brows are precious.

"If done by a well-trained and highly experienced esthetician or hair colorist who knows what she's doing, it's absolutely fine," dermatologist Jeannette Graf, MD, tells WebMD. If not, you not only run the risk of doing permanent damage to the hair follicles, but you can dye them too dark or lay things on too thick.

2. Make sure it complements your hair color. You want the shade to complement your coloring, not detract from it. Whether you're going lighter or darker, you want to consider whether your undertones are cool, warm, or neutral. We often defer to the nifty chart below created by Julep:

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3. Be prepared for a lot of touch ups. Between washing your face, showering, and your skin's natural oils, brow dye is going to start fading within a week, so they can be a bit high-maintenance when it comes to upkeep. Based on your preference, you should be going for touch-ups every few weeks—a month being the maximum interim. As far as grow out, it's only a concern if you're going lighter.

4. Use other products to enhance their appearance. Just because you've already tinted your brows doesn't mean you can't enhance them further. In fact, sometimes tinting your brows can exacerbate the appearance of imperfections. Jenner uses Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown to fill in her arches.

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