Watch What Happens When You Apply *100 Layers* of Foundation to Your Face

But also, make it stop.

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Last month, nail artist Christine Rotenberg spent 12 hours creating a polish mountain—yes you read that right—comprised of 116 layers of nail color. It was a sight to behold and, in keeping with the pulse of the internet these days, another beauty vlogger has already jumped on the viral bandwagon, getting intentionally heavy-handed so we can gawk.

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Following her 100 Coats of Mascara test-drive, Josefin Lillakas, who goes by the YouTube name Jeely, took it upon herself to spend three hours applying 100 layers of foundation with a beautyblender.

Now I know that death by "skin suffocation" is not a thing (nice try, Goldfinger), but as someone who has more regret not taking off my makeup than eating an entire pepperoni pizza by myself at 3 a.m., seeing that much product sit on top of the face literally makes my skin crawl. Not to mention, it looks as if it's a budget prosthetic mask 😱.

And it gets that much harder to stomach when Lillakas is ready to take it off and a makeup wipe barely penetrates the thick wall of pigment. Skin freaks, seriously, watch at your own peril:

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