What Your Lip Print Says About You

Do you have "gerbil wheel" lines that mean you're trying to figure your life out? Are you a "ghost print"? Weirdly accurate personality insight, right this way.

Lip prints
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When we describe lips, it's usually in terms like big, small, thick, or thin. But our pouts are much more complex than that. In fact, the intricacies of our lip prints are so telling that you can actually have them *read* like you would your palm.

What will a certified "lipologist" tell you? Everything from you're a good listener to you're stressing over things you can't control. Here, lip expert Anna Snodgrass breaks down the common ways to interpret lip prints, plus five example readings. Slather on some lipstick, kiss a piece of paper, and read on.

What Your Lip Shape Says About You

Different lip prints

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Triangle: You help others to succeed. You recognize other's skills and abilities, helping them to recognize these skills and abilities in themselves.

Rectangle: This is a "salt of the earth" person who is the go-to person for advice, money, or muscle. You're what Lipologists call the "godmother" or "godfather" of your community.

Diamond: Like the triangle, a person with a diamond print helps others to succeed, but you're also successful yourself, give back to your community, and are a good mentor.

Different lip sizes

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Small: You're detail oriented. If someone wants a job done accurately, carefully, and with precision, you're the go-to person. You also like to have everything in front of you, figuring it all out and getting it out the door. On time and under budget if possible.

Medium: You're the "busy juggler" in that you keep a balance between work, home, and play. You have a lot of balls in the air.

Large: You're a go-big-or-go-home person meaning that if you can't do it right, you don't want to do it at all. You like to do things in a big way.

What Your Lip Fullness Says About You

Different lip fullness

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If your lip print is full...

Upper Lip: A good listener

Bottom Lip: Generous and expressive

If your lip print is thin...

Upper Lip: Picky

Bottom Lip: Either good with numbers or careful with money

What Your Lip Lines Say About You

Different lip lines

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"If lines start from the inside of the upper lip, it means you're stressing about things you don't have control over," explains Snodgrass. "Stress lines that start from the inside of the bottom lip mean that your're stressing about things that you can do something about—and should."

If there are lines coming from the outside to the inside on the top lip, they're known as "spirit lines" and indicate that you're a spiritual person or there's a message coming through in your dreams or intuitions that needs to be listened to, she adds. If the lines are outside-in from the bottom, your body is asking you to get outside and be more active.

Lip Print #1

Lip print

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"This print is in the shape of a triangle, which means that this is a person who helps others to succeed. The upper lip print is full indicating that this person is a good listener. People probably tell this person their life story or cry on their shoulder a lot.The lower lip print is thinner, indicating that they may be more budget conscious.

This person can be stubborn and doesn't like to change their mind once they make their decision. The V-shape in the upper lip print indicates someone who has a long fuse and big-boom-at-the-end kind of temper. It takes them a long time and it's not good to poke the bear. This print also has a lip print within a lip print, which means they show bursts of energy when needed and can usually be counted on. Lastly, this person has spirit lines, indicating a spiritual side as well as 'mother nature lines' indicating a need to go outside."

Lip Print #2

Lip print 2

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"This person has a diamond lip print. Like the triangle, a person with a diamond print helps others and is also very successful. There's a strong 'hug pucker,' so this person could use a hug, but this type of hug pucker implies they may not just hug anyone—they are privately passionate, behind closed doors. This one also has a 'gourmet lip split' on the middle of the lower lip print. It indicates this person loves quality food, but will go with the flow as well, regarding diet.

This person has some stress lines that cut all the way through the print and this indicates they need to take good care of themselves and give themselves some TLC because they're going through a big change. This person looks to be more independent, liking to be given the work to do and getting it done with little oversight."

Lip Print #3

Lip print 3

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"This print is also a triangle print. They also have a cupid's bow and like to make people happy. The upside is that they're good negotiators because they know what folks want. The downside is that they may not take as good care of themselves as they take of others. This is also a 'cheerleader' print. This person has tons of energy and can keep going and going and going until they crash. This person is also open to new experiences and is a 'flexible foodie,' liking quality food but being flexible about it. This person also has information funnels—they like a lot of information and think about it a while before they make a decision."

Lip Print #4

Lip print 4

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"This person has a diamond print and likes things to go smoothly. They're supportive of others and the patting-the-back-of-a-person-and-checking-to-see-if-they're-doing-okay type. This is the most open lip print of the group, meaning they are open to new experiences and willing to try new things.

This person has 'gerbil wheels' in the lower lip print indicating that they're working on figuring out what is next in their life. I suggest they get some time to themselves, get a pen and paper, turn off the phone, shut the door, and spend at least an hour writing down everything and anything that comes to them about what inspires them. They should write everything down and censor nothing. Once they've "dumped the brain" onto the paper, they can take it, fold it up, and leave it closed for at least two weeks. If they take it out and see what they wrote, they might be surprised. This person is Ms. or Mr. Stretch—stretched really thin and has a lot on their plate!"

Lip Print #5

Lip print 5

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"This person has a diamond lip print and is going through big changes. These things will get better! They have a cupid's bow and like to make people happy, but can have a temper when tired.

This print is what Jilly Eddy, the founder of Lipsology, would call a Ghost Print. They need to recharge their 'brain battery.' I suggest a spa holiday and 1) It needs to be away 2) With someone they won't need a vacation after vacationing with them 3) A minimum of three days and 4) A non-working situation!"

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