I Test-Drove Glossier's New Super Serums and This Is Why I'm Freaking Out

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If you're a grown-ass woman who has yet to wrap her head around the importance and daily use of facial serums, I assure you—you're not alone. Settling on one that's right for you skin type and its ever-changing needs is hard enough, and then there's all this business about layering multiple elixirs as if you're just supposed to know how much to apply and in what order. I'm a beauty editor and it still mystifies me.

But much like Glossier did for highlighting with their Haloscope sticks this summer, their latest offerings are decoding things so that we can get glowy AF without 1) Draining our bank accounts or 2) Having things feel so involved that our lazy-girl inclinations get the better of us and we end up skipping the step all together.

Glossier is decoding things this time around with The Supers, a trio of beautifully-packaged, super-concentrated serums that each address different skincare needs, but complement each other nonetheless. And while you can mix 'n' match serums from other brands, as someone with super-sensitive skin, I'm wary of doing so. A wallet-friendly set that's inherently on the same wave length? That's the dream. So here's what you need to know about each:

Super Glow

Perfect for when: You skin feels dull after an all-nighter.

Packed with brightening Vitamin C and revitalizing Magnesium, Super Glow helps even out skin tone and create a naturally-strobed complexion.

Super Bounce

Perfect for when: Your skin is thirsty AF, be it because you're hungover or just got off a long flight.

Super Bounce uses hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 to wash the skin with moisture to give it its bounce back, while the milky texture softens the skin for silky-smooth texture.

Super Pure

Perfect for when: You're stressed, breaking out, or just binged on Cheetos.

Skin-restoring niacinamide and calming zinc work together to soooooothe the skin while helping flush out impurities including buildup in the pores.

The Test Drive

While the three serums each boast their own individual texture, overall they have a water-gel consistency that I love. They don't feel greasy and sink right into the skin, which is better to the touch and makes for a much better canvas pre-foundation.

For application both day and night, I took a patchwork approach (like you would with multi-masking), not just opting for one serum, or layering all three, but tailoring use to different parts of my face.

For example, one night before bed after a rough day of neglecting my skin, I applied Super Bounce all over my face, and then tapped Super Pure onto my redness-prone areas on my cheeks. I woke up looking dewy and fresh. Another morning, I knew I wouldn't have time for a full-on face beat, so I massaged Super Glow into my face, smoothed Super Pure over my hypersensitive areas, and sealed everything in with moisturizer. Miraculously, I got away with wearing nothing but mascara. Miracle.

And not only do these serums work without being *too active* (again, one of my biggest fears having touchy skin), but they make the process feel like pampered fun because that's what Glossier does. All heroes may not wear capes, but Emily Weiss certainly does...

Glossier The Supers, $28 each or $65 for all three; glossier.com.

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