Why the "Half-Halo" Is the Most Important Part of Your Face This Summer

Let 'em see your halo.

Half Halo highlight
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If highlighting all the different planes of your face (opens in new tab) sounds like too much work, or is just entirely too confusing, things just got simpler.

This summer it's all about the "half-halo," which is the crescent-shaped area from your brow bone to your cheekbones. A termed coined by cool-kids Glossier (opens in new tab) to coincide with the launch of their magical Haloscope highlighter, it's streamlining/taking the guesswork out of the strobing madness and we're here for it.

Half Halo highlight

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And whether you're observing it on yourself or a friend, it's really mesmerizing to watch in action.

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Like, I can't emphasize it enough:

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So now that my obsession has been established, let me take things a step further by waxing a little poetic about Haloscope's formula. For one, it comes in stick form, and as someone always on the go, I swear by solids. Second, it has two different layers: The outer being the crystal-infused highlight that reads more sheeny then glittery (i.e. makes things easy for beginners), and the core, a solid oil moisturizer for some nourishing dew.

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Of the two shade offerings, Quartz is the more universally-flattering with a pearlescent finish, while Topaz leans more golden. To apply, all you have to do is draw on a half-halo around each eye, then use the pads of your fingers to tap lightly and blend. 

💿  And there you have it.📀 

Glossier Haloscope, $22; glossier.com (opens in new tab).

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