The 19 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type and Concern

Oily skin? Need a glow? Want hydration? We have you covered.

model with face mask backstage
(Image credit: Arun Nevader/Getty)

Creating a solid skincare routine is forever and always going to be the baseline for healthy skin, but the best face masks are the tried and true go-to for adding a little extra something-something to your regimen. As someone whose skin type ranges from acne- and rosacea-prone in the summer to dry as sandpaper in the winter, I’ve taken my fair share of face masks for a test run. And trust me: there’s truly a sheet mask, overnight mask, or acne-fighting mask out there for everyone. 

“Oily or acne-prone skin should reach for a charcoal or clay mask, as both have detoxifying aspects to draw dirt and oil from the pores,” explains Dr. Michele Anzilotti, board-certified dermatologist and medical director of SkinCeuticals SkinLab. “Those with dry skin should reach for a cream or gel mask packed with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.” Of course, there are also masks that are focused on giving glow, soothing the skin, fading dark spots, and more. 

That in mind, you don’t have to commit to just one face mask for the rest of eternity. You can switch it up weekly depending on what your skin’s craving—or even apply multiple at one. “I love utilizing multiple types of masks to address different skin concerns on the face,” says medical aesthetician Candace Marino. “For example, if there’s dryness on the cheeks, I’ll grab something moisturizing, while at the same time treating the nose and chin with something that will deep clean and minimize pores.” 

To get the debrief on the best face masks for every skin type and concern, keep scrolling. From under-eye patches that’ll make you look like you got that extra hour of sleep to peel-off masks that are like Botox in a bottle, I’ve pulled together my personal favorites—along with some industry must-haves—ahead.