Are Nail Polish Pens the New Spray-On Color?

Bottle, bye.

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When spray-on nail polish first hit the market, we were all this is the future. And I'm not saying it isn't, but it now has some stiff competition in the toss-the-bottle department.

Enter, nail polish markers. Like Sharpies, Ciaté London's just-released Mani Markers make coloring easy—all you have to do is shake 'em well and push down on the nib to dispense the varnish. What's more is that 1) You only need one coat of polish before you swipe on your top coat and 2) It's quick drying. Thus, cuts your D.I.Y. manicure time in half whether you're multi-tasking while watching TV or doing a touch-up on the go.

But honestly, what I'm most excited about is the precision it yields. Yes, you have to press down on the nib consistently so that it deposits polish evenly and that's the trickiest part (beware of streakiness!), but there's a lot to be said for the precision that comes with a pen versus a brush. The stiff, tapered tip allows for much more control around the cuticles, which is godsend when it comes time to paint with our wobbly opposite hand.

The collection features five rich, fall-ready hues including Thrill Seeker (teal blue), Role Model (deep indigo), Beauty Queen (hot pink), Lady Luck (cherry red), and Vintage Vamp (rich Bordeaux). Nab the pens for $12 a pop at

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