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Throw Away Your Polish Bottles: Spray-On Nails Are the Future

20 seconds, guys.

Nails Inc.

At first mention, spray-on nails sounded messy. I have enough trouble staying in the lines with brush-on polish, so what good can a spray canister do me? You can't exactly free-wheel nail art like you can graffiti.

But my tune changed quickly when I learned that the technique received the ultimate cool-girl endorsement. That of the Alexa Chung variety. If she, purveyor of all things "It," was getting behind it, there must be something to it. I mean, her Eyeko liquid liner collab did wonders for my cat eye game. 

The brainchild behind this phenomenon? Nails Inc. The brand has created its own spray polish—AKA Paint Can—claiming that it can give you the quickest manicure ever. All you have to do is take 20 seconds to spray your digits, let 'em dry, then wash your hands with warm water and soap. Voilà! You've got a picture-perfect mani, sans the burden of laser-focus. Plus, it's fun, like jello lipstick kind of fun.

Paint Can by Nails Inc will be available on November 12, and stay tuned as we will most definitely be putting it to the test on our Snapchat. Follow us at MarieClaireMag 👻.

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