Why Green (Yes, Green) Pencil Might Be the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to Your Eyebrows

It isn't easy being ash blonde.

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Crazier things have happened—for instance, covering dark under-eye circles with red lipstick, an Internet-famous beauty hack you would have seen us test out HAD YOU WATCHED OUR SNAPCHAT DISCOVER CHANNEL over the weekend—but somehow, the idea of filling in your brows with green (???) pencil still seems pretty wack. Or as we say in the biz, "editorial."

However, seeing is believing, so after fixing your peepers on this photo of Elle Fanning at a recent ASOS event, would you suddenly find yourself a convert to the Church of Holy Sh*t, What Is This Sorcery? Have an epiphany, if you will?


C'est vrai—Fanning's makeup artist Erin Ayanian Monroe confirmed in an Instagram comment that she did, in fact, use SUQQU's liquid eyebrow pen in Moss for this exact look. "I know weird huh?" she said. "It reads totally neutral though." (By some alchemy of light playing off the hairs, under which the skin has been colored to give the illusion of density.) Of course, this won't work for *everybody,* but for the fair-haired population for whom taupe just reads too brown and gray too...gray, a whole new world has just opened up. ::screeches "DON'T YOU DARE CLOSE YOUR EYES," knocks over bookcase::


SUQQU Eyebrow Liquid Pen, $21, selfridges.com.

Interesting too the contrast between this subtle approach to color versus Instagram makeup's preference for a one-size-fits-all DARK shade, slashed high and long across the forehead like when pet parents draw eyebrows on their Cockapoos.

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