Why #CelluliteSaturday Is the Best Thing That's Happened on Instagram in a While


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Don't get us wrong, we love scrolling through Instagram for celebrity selfies and tag-your-BFF memes as much as the next user, but we love the platform most when it's inspiring change. And leading the latest social awareness charge is Kenzie Brenna, a 26-year-old body positive activist who is recovering from body dysmorphic disorder.

Brenna started #CelluliteSaturday a few months ago as a way of reminding women what real images, with real un-Photoshopped bodies look like.

"[I'm] offering up my #realbody, unedited, unfiltered for you to look at, for trolls to rip apart," she wrote in caption with a side-by-side image of her body edited and non-edited. "[It's] important because we have LITERALLY FORGOTTEN WHAT REAL BODIES LOOK LIKE. To quote WIKIPEDIA 'cellulite occurs in 80-90% of women, the prevailing medical condition is that it's 'merely the normal condition of many women.' 👏NORMAL. It's fucking NORMAL.👏"

Amen, girl. Amen.

Since Brenna began posting, #CelluliteSatuday has been gaining momentum with a slew of women proudly uploading images of their own un-retouched bodies. See more of Brenna's badass posts, as well as others using the powerful hashtag below.

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I COULDNT WAIT TO POST THIS. I had such a shitty low self esteem night and finally feeling better after seeing this... I'm going through a break up and I feel so alone sometimes. The prospect of dating is beyond me right now and I went out for the first time in a while last night, I felt fucking huge. I kept pulling my sweater over my hips, I wanted to keep my coat on my lap to hide my stomach, I wished the lights were dimmer, for all you who have felt this, this feeling sucks. You don't feel sexy or small or light. I felt like I was as big as the bar I was in and nothing could take that away. Looking at this I am happy, but I need to affirm my happiness more often. Sometimes I get insecure at the gym and I still see the same girl who was over 200 pounds with no progress, not strength, no light in her. This is when fitness becomes a mental war ground. Disordered thinking will try to take over and you HAVE to remain proactive and strong, ask for help with you need and keep pushing. FITNESS IS A JOURNEY. It doesn't stop. Our destinations change, or route expires, things halt us. That is why it's a journey not a resting place. This journey is NOT linear either. You go up and down, back and forth all the time. Even at your best. So this is the part of the journey I'm at. Feeling like shit but trying to persevere because my goals mean so so so much to me. Sorry for the long blog post, just wanted to say if I had never of taken the chance to order @katyhearnfit & @haydnschneider's plans I wouldn't have been able to take this journey that I care so deeply about. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, cellulite begone areadyyyy AMIRITEEEEE 😭 #teamrealprogress #cellulitesaturday

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Decided to be brave and raw with you guys. No filters, no editing, no cropping out my unmade bed/messy room. This is me. If you don't know, #CelluliteSaturday is a thing started by the beautiful @omgkenzieee. 93% of women have cellulite!! And while that statistic says the majority of women have it, think about how many of us try to get rid of it. The presence of cellulite is largely genetic, and im sorry to tell you that any topical cream is not going to get rid of it. I would be lying if I said i haven't tried to get rid of mine. I carry cellulite largely on my thighs and butt, especially underneath my butt. I workout 5 days a week, I eat a balanced diet, I drink lots of water, I foam roll every now and then. All of these things are said to be able to help reduce the presence of cellulite. But guess what? Who gives a fuck? lol. Honestly though. There are SO many other things that could be and ARE "flawed" about me. And if I have the "flaw" of cellulite than so be it. These "flaws" say nothing about me as a person, or who I am. This "flaw" that the majority of women have is considered a "flaw" because of the standards set by the beauty industry. Go look in a magazine, or any sort of ad with women showing skin and tell me if you see cellulite. The one company I know of that doesn't retouch the models is @aerie. But other than that, smooth skin with no evidence of cellulite is the so-called standard. And as women we constantly see that and then assume there's something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. My point is that if you have cellulite, you are not abnormal!! You aren't "flawed!" YOU aren't CELLULITE. You have cellulite. Just like you have eye boogers, ear wax, body hair, BO, split ends, stretch marks, moles, skin discolorations, acne, etc. These don't define you. Your character, heart, sense of humor, ability to understand. Those things define you and who you are as a person. Give yourself a break ladies. Much love😘❤️ #Cellulite #StretchMarks #LoveYourself

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Simply amazing! Stay fierce gorgeous! Thanks for supporting the #selfiesforselflove movement 💝😸🌺 from @josie_landry #Repost @deegetsstronger with @repostapp ・・・ Second curvalicious cellulite post, in honor of @omgkenzieee's #cellulitesaturday's (woop woop!!!!) and her attempt to spread awareness of the shame our society has brought onto our bodies💕 There's no shame in having squishy bits on your body, or having those same squishy bits move whenever you do. There's no shame in embracing and loving yourself, or spreading that love to others. There's no shame in participating in activities that "aren't meant for your body type". There's no shame in wearing whatever the fuck you feel most confident in. Shame is for the people who put others down for the sole sake of feeling better about themselves. For the media outlets and public figures, who would rather endorse a product that is profitable to them, than use their high positions to spread positivity and love to their audience. And for the ignorant minds who will tell you that self love is not in itself an act of spreading love to others. Health is not defined by one particular shape or size. Health is not cellulite creams/low-carb breads/fat-free yogurts/waist trainers/detox tees/fad diets/2 week ab programs/body wraps OR ANY OTHER LOAD OF CRAP THE MEDIA TRIES TO SELL YOU. Health is being aware of your body's needs - giving it rest, challenging it, nourishing it, and most of all, being able to truly call it home.💕

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