The Beauty Industry Wants You to Break the Rules and Wear Gilded Lip Liner This Season

We're here for it.

Lips lines with gold lipliner
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Surely by now you know that Pat McGrath has made glitter lips *the* look of the season. And amidst all the sparkle, a microtrend has emerged that's either more pared-back or out-there depending on how you look at it—we're talking glitter-lined lips. The look started gaining traction earlier this year, but with the holidays upon us it's more of the moment than ever before.

As far as tackling the gilded look yourself goes, it's totally doable with time, patience, and the right product, of course. If you're lucky enough to have gotten your hands on one of McGrath's coveted glittery or metallic pigments, you can trace your pout with an ultra-tapered brush. Or, to make things even easier, try a glitter eyeliner like Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner ($20).

However, if the full-on lipliner look is a little too extra for your taste, there is another technique of the same kinship that might strike your fancy. Elegant, unexpected, and subtle in equal parts, gold or silver-tipped cupid's bows consist of slashing pigment along the double curve of the upper lip as you would highlighter.

Whatever route you do go, one thing's for certain—the coolest-beauty-look-of-the-night award goes to you ✨✨✨.

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Lauren Valenti
Beauty Editor

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