This Day-and-Night-Cream Duo Will Get You Nonstop Compliments on Your Skin

Egomaniac level 293.

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As much as we are told that true happiness is derived from listening to the self alone, other people can be pretty f*cking loud sometimes. When the feedback is negative, or worse, nonexistent, it's like 😒. But when multiple perfect strangers and acquaintances are motivated to shriek "YOUR SKIN LOOKS LIKE THAT AND YOU'RE NOT WEARING MAKEUP??" you know something's doing its job.

For me, those somethings were two creams dug up from a random assortment of skincare, which meant that their working so well together can be attributed to quantum theory (maybe real, TBD) or the universe generally rewarding me for tipping cabbies 22 percent since August (penance for other taxi-related infractions). Whatever force brought Immunocologie Day Protection and Tula Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment together, I thank heartily, even though the a.m. one smells like fermented Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. Fair warning.

Since I've introduced them to my face (#teamrubbing), my complexion has improved in tone, texture, and overall luminescent-alien-preserved-in-vat-of-hyaluronic-acid-ness. This is because both formulas contain mad antioxidants and extracts and probiotics that anti-age, protect against environmental stressors, and intensely hydrate. (Neither has SPF, however, so keep calm, sunscreen on, and be patient to avoid pilling.)

But what's most unusual about this discovery, aside from all the metaphysical factors that went into it? That, like Edison, I only made it after extensive experimentation. ("I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 combinations that don't work for my face, except the CeraVe system, which is really quite good.") So inspiration, perspiration, or just getting really lucky, these two are it.

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Chelsea Peng
Chelsea Peng

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