A Simple 3-Step Guide to Waking Up with Wedding-Day Skin Every Morning

That glow >💎 .

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Whether you actually want to get married or not, you can appreciate the wonder of wedding-day skin. Luminous, bouncy, and dewy are just a few of the descriptors that come to mind...

While you could try eating clean, splurging on pricey facials, or falling in love (LOL), you could also just hack the glow—our preferred choice of action. As part of its Tulsāra collection, which is inspired by the Ayurvedic approach balancing mind, body, and spirt, Aveda has released overnight "wedding" masks for the eyes and face. The formulas are inspired by the pre-wedding Haldi ceremonies in India where homemade turmeric paste is applied to both the bride and groom for gorgeous skin on their wedding day. So yes, they will make you Kate-Middleton-saying-I-do radiant during your REM cycle.

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And while the secret ingredients inside the creamy elixirs have lots to do with it—they target dark circles with algae extract, brighten and even out skin tone with turmeric, and help cells renew themselves with plant stem cells (over 587,000 in each jar to be exact) and organic apricot oil—there's another part of the equation.

Enter part 2: A proper face yoga routine, which boosts circulation to help lift, firm, and tone the face while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The 3-Step, Wedding-Day Face Yoga Routine

1. When using the Tulsāra wedding mask before bed, start by gently applying the eye formula with the tips of your ring finger, and the face formula to your visage, neck, and décolleté. Breathe in the jasmine, camomile, and grapefruit aroma to help relax—because stress is never a good look.

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2. Massage your pressure points—like the ridges of the cheekbones, lower ridges of the eye socketand behind the jaw—counterclockwise 7 times, then clockwise 7 times, then in slow, pulsing motions 7 times.

3. Place index and middle fingers on the "sthapani" point, located between the eyebrows, and repeat massage motions. Go to sleep and wake up with that glow.

By consistently massaging the mask into the face before bedtime, you're brightening, diminishing the appearance of dark spots, and strengthening the skin's lipid barrier to lock in moisture over time.

Aveda Tulasāra Wedding Masque, $65, and Eye Masque, $55; aveda.com.

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