Oh Hello, Stunning New 3D Chrome Eyeliner Trend

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There's one trend that's just getting started in 2017. Hint: It's shiny, subversive, and being worn all over. It's 3D silver chrome liner, and makeup artist Michael Anthony is at the forefront of the look.

We first spotted Anthony creating the look on his client Tinashe, who donned sharp strips of mirror-like material on the upper lash line. Then, in another behind-the-scenes snap, he gave a model a similar treatment on the eyes, then fastened a sleek vertical line starting just beneath her lower lip and ending at the décolletage. The latter statement was reminiscent of the linear black chest art Cara Delevingne rocked over the summer.

"One simple element of flash to your makeup is so forward these days," explains Anthony. "There's so much product everywhere with highlighters and glitter, but instead you can have a simple taupe eyeshadow with a razor-sharp metal strip along the lashes that looks almost mechanical and precise. I love how it accentuates the eyes and acts as a backdrop for your lashes. It's perfect for a performer or anyone who likes to communicate with body language—a little wink or bat of the lash."

It's unclear what Anthony used to create the look, but color us intrigued. We're already plotting how we can use the silver stuff to mimic Kim Kardashian's faux lip ring...

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