Paris Jackson Covered 80+ Tattoos at the Grammys With This Viral Foundation

It was a blank canvas.

Paris Jackson strikes a pose with a hand on her hip at the Grammys red carpet.
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The Grammy's red carpet has showcased some of the best looks ever. If you're still mesmerized by the stunning outfits on the red carpet, you're not alone. If you happened to spot model Paris Jackson at the Grammys red carpet, chances are you did a double take on her look. She's known for her love of tattoos and surprisingly, she managed to conceal all of her 80 tattoos.

Beauty enthusiasts, take note: if you want to cover your tattoos for a special occasion, 25-year-old model may have some tricks up her sleeve. She managed to completely conceal all of her tattoos for an unforgettable night.

Jackson is dressed in a strapless black CELINE cutout dress, showing a lot of skin, posing for the camera. She collaborated with Cover FX to transform her collection of over 80 tattoos into a blank canvas for the night.

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Jackson has shared an Instagram video of her working with celebrity makeup artists Tyson Fountaine and Paul Blanch to achieve a blank canvas. The video shows the two makeup artists covering her body with the Total Cover Cream Foundation that targets dark spots and redness. The foundation is also mineral-oil free and works for all skin types.

After applying makeup to Jackson's body, both Fountaine and Blanch finished her off with using the same foundation for her face, along with the Power Play Foundation, Pressed Mineral Foundation, High Performance All-Day Setting Spray, Correct Stick Color Corrector, Monochromatic Cheek Duo Bronzer, Custom Bronzer Drops, and Gripping Primer.

One thing is clear: The daughter of the late Michael Jackson is following his style footsteps and we're here for it. Shop her look below!

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