Rare Beauty's Body Care Line Wants to Bring a "Pocket of Peace" to Your Self-Care Routine

"This is a dream that we've been cooking up for a while," Selena Gomez shared.

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Self care is about more than just fancy facials and solo date nights. Take it from Selena Gomez: "When you do take time to enjoy yourself and really find your pockets of peace, that's something you should be proud of," she shared at an exclusive event hosted in New York City. Her appreciation for simple acts of self care is what inspired her to launch Rare Beauty's Find Comfort Body Collection.

As a fierce mental health advocate and founder of the most self-affirming beauty brand on the market, Gomez knows that there's no such thing as a "perfect" self-care routine—what works for you is what works for you. But her new range is poised to make your rest and relaxation that much more restorative. "This is a dream that we've been cooking up for a while," the "Single Now" singer shared. "It's so surreal to actually be showing this."

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The new collection features four products made to fit into your perfectly-imperfect self-care routine, so you can find comfort wherever you need it.

First up: The Stop & Soothe Aromatherapy Pen ($20) (it's Gomez's most-used of the bunch). It hosts a weightless gel scented with soothing peppermint and lavender to help you relax and refresh anywhere. Meanwhile, the Body & Hair Fragrance Mist ($28) was formulated to add shine, moisture, and protection to hair—and a bit of revitalization to your skin—while imparting a soothing, super fine fragrance. Notes include sparkling lemon zest, soft jasmine, and smooth cashmere wood. "I felt like this is what it feels like to have a nice hug," Gomez said.

Rounding out the collection, the Hydrating Hand Cream ($18) and Hydrating Body Lotion ($28) produce major moisture while retaining a fresh, non-greasy feel. Remember: there's no "right" time or way to use the products—it's about what feels good to you.

Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream

Find Comfort Hydrating Hand Cream

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"Even when I get off stage or something, I try to take a moment to myself. Fragrances and textures have really been inspiring me lately," shared Gomez. "This is a dream that we've been cooking up for a while, and now I'm looking forward to it being out. Now's the right time. We finished and we're proud."

Rare Beauty's Find Comfort Body Collection launches globally on Tuesday, December 26. Join the waitlist here.

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