Sephora Is Now Home to Two Cult-Favorite Skincare Brands

Dieux you understand how exciting this is?

A promo photo for Dieux Skin's Instant Angel moisturizer.
(Image credit: Dieux Skin)

In a world flush with direct-to-consumer shopping, the magic of seeing all of your favorite products in one place (and in real life) still has a little pull. When Sephora is the place that brings them all together, it's enough to plan a shopping trip immediately.

On Tuesday, February 13, two cult-favorite beauty brands made their debut at the retailer: Dieux, the beloved skincare company known for their transparent pricing and clinical formulations, and Soft Services, the body care brand passionate about providing solutions for anyone's skin concerns. You might recognize both labels from their most beloved products: either the Forever Eye Mask and Instant Angel Moisturizer (Dieux) or Buffing Bar and Carea Cream (Soft Services). If you don't, allow Marie Claire to introduce you.

Three models show off Dieux Skin's Forever Eye Mask.

Dieux's Forever Eye Mask has become a fan favorite offering. Use it with your favorite under-eye product to seal in moisture, then wash it off and use it again.

(Image credit: Dieux Skin)

“We are such big fans of how Sephora has democratized the beauty counter," Dieux co-Founder, aesthetician, and CEO Charlotte Palermino tells Marie Claire exclusively. "With this partnership, we’re excited to bring Dieux and its ethos to their devoted community and spread the news of our simple yet effective rituals that are backed by clinical testing and real results. We are particularly excited for in-store as this is our first foray from the internet to brick-and-mortar."

Like Glossier before them, the brands' products are currently available to shop online at Sephora and will soon be available in-store. Both brands hope the expansion will bring their offerings to new heads (and shoulders, knees, and toes in Soft Services' case), educating consumers in the process.

Soft Services products.

Soft Services' beloved offerings are now available at Sephora for any and every body care need.

(Image credit: Soft Services)

"At Soft Services, we believe in giving people tools to care for skin beyond the face, offering targeted solutions where they’re needed most, and bringing formerly taboo skin issues into mainstream conversation," Rebecca Zhou, founder and CEO of Soft Services, said in a press release. "Partnering with Sephora is allowing us to bring our targeted and effective body skincare to a broader audience and further revolutionize the body care aisle. We’re so thrilled to be partnering with such a supportive and forward-thinking retailer, and can’t wait to introduce Soft Services to Sephora’s unrivaled community of beauty lovers."

Shop both brands' most recognizable products ahead.

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