Marie Claire's Guide to Sunscreen

We know we need sun protection. And yet, we're not using it enough. Here, we report on everything you need to know to properly protect yourself.

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Something weird is going on with sunscreen: We’re all not wearing it. As skincare-obsessed as we are, a recent report found that only 11 percent of us actually slather on any sun protection. Some of the reasons for that are legit. There are concerns over chemicals. Guidelines for sunscreen usage weren’t always robust for people of color and products often weren’t made with dark skin tones in mind. And in general, SPF marketing can be confusing.

More troubling, though: We don’t want to wear it. Sunscreen truthers and woo-woo wellness influencers have claimed (incorrectly) that wearing sunscreen is actually more harmful than cancer. For the record, data from the American Academy of Dermatology shows that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. And according to medical experts, one way to prevent the disease is to wear sunscreen.

Which is why we put together the below guide. It includes the latest, greatest new sun safe products, how to properly apply sunscreen, and everything else you need to know to be properly covered.

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For beauty editors and dermatologists, these innovative formulas stand out from the crowd.

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We know that skipping out on sun protection can have harmful consequences. So why are so many people peddling an anti-sunscreen lifestyle?

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Formulas that last and never leave a white cast.

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Multitasking cosmetics don’t work as hard as you think.

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Our ‘Marie Claire' counterparts across the globe share their go-tos.