The Sunscreens International Beauty Editors Won't Leave Home Without

Our ‘Marie Claire' counterparts across the globe share their go-tos.

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Learning about the beauty routines of people from around the world is always fascinating. From Korean skincare to the red lip that every French girl is wearing to Brazilian hair treatments, international beauty products can prove the perfect inspiration.

Which is why we called (or okay, emailed) our international network of Marie Claire editors—in Nigeria, Mexico, Greece, and so many other places—to see how they approach sun protection. They gave us their go-to sunscreens, told us about their favorite sun-safe accessories (spoiler: you may want to go ahead and buy that sun hat) and shared their best advice for protecting your skin while outdoors, no matter where you live.

Tania Villaseñor, Beauty Editor, 'Marie Claire' México

Tania Villaseñor wearing a prada bucket hat with and pink lipstick

Beauty editor Tania Villaseñor always wears sunscreen—and a bucket hat.

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"In most parts of Mexico, much of the year is sunny...especially in Mexico City in the afternoon. There, we have strong UV radiation and high pollution, so it’s really important to be well sun-protected and reapply sunscreen every three hours," Villaseñor says (below, her go-to brand). "I also use accessories such as bucket hats (my favorites) and sunglasses to reinforce the protection of my face."

Efua Claire Jobi-Taiwo, Fashion and Beauty Editor, 'Marie Claire' Nigeria

Efua Claire Jobi-Taiwo smiling in a blue and pink patterned dress.

Fashion and beauty editor Efua Claire Jobi-Taiwo often avoids the sun.

(Image credit: Efua Claire Jobi-Taiwo)

"With how hot it gets here, I actively avoid the sun—I literally have no photos in the sun except for [this]," Jobi-Taiwo says of the climate in Nigeria. "My favorite sunscreen is Eau Thermale Avène SPF 50, but my piece of suncare advice is: Let's make parasols fashionable again. Yes, lap on the sunscreen, but as a general shield from the sun, a parasol would make a very chic, modern accessory."

Florence Deladrière, Chief Fashion and Beauty Editor, 'Marie Claire' France

Florence Deladriere talking a selfie in a forrest

SPF 50 on her face and body is a must for beauty editor Florence Deladrière.

(Image credit: Florence Deladriere)

"Because I have fair skin, the sun is not my best friend," Deladrière says. "So I use the Dior Solar Protective Creme SPF 50 on my face and Dior Solar High-Protection SPF 50 sunscreen on my body. Other times, I’m wearing linen or cotton shirts and a cap or hat. To prep [and help make sure the sunscreen goes on evenly], I clean and nourish my skin with the Coco Rose Exfoliating Body Scrub."

Sally Hunwick, Beauty Director, 'Marie Claire' Australia

Sally Hunwick wearing a straw sun hat looking to the side

Despite Australia's high rates of skin cancer, beauty director Sally Hunwick believes there is a divide with sunscreen use.

(Image credit: Sally Hunwick)

"Our warm climate in Australia means a lot of us have an outdoors lifestyle, and that means sun exposure—but despite our harsh climate, our persistently high rates of skin cancer, and near relentless governmental PSAs warning us about the hazards of sun exposure—there is a divide in terms of sunscreen use," Hunwick says. "For a good portion of Australian women—especially younger women—bronzed skin is still considered deeply desirable. My best tip would be to think of your sunscreen as the final step of your daily skincare routine—and apply it without fail, 365 days a year. If you think you don’t like sunscreen on your skin, I use serum-weight formulations that feel like a regular serum, go on without shine, and work perfectly under makeup."

Sarah Rasheed, Beauty Director, 'Marie Claire' Arabia

Sarah Rasheed in a pink top with a white background

Beauty director Sarah Rasheed enjoys sunny days in the UAE's warm climate but avoids tanning.

(Image credit: Sarah Rasheed)

"Living in the United Arab Emirates is a privilege because we have plenty of sunshine all year round," Rasheed says. "However, it is important to protect and moisturize our skin. I never leave the house without wearing an SPF 50. I currently use Sisley Paris Sunleya G.E. Age Minimizing Global Sun Care SPF 50+, and when I go to the beach, I apply Coola Body Spray SPF 30. I tend to avoid tanning because I think sun damage can accelerate aging and make my skin super dry...and I try to keep my lips moisturized and drink lots of water."

Kim De Craene, Beauty and Lifestyle Editor, 'Marie Claire' Belgium

Kim De Craene wearing tortoise shell sunglasses and a striped blouse.

Beauty and lifestyle editor Kim De Craene doesn't shy away from the sun because she has a sunscreen she swears by.

(Image credit: Kim De Craene)

"My favorite sunscreen is a Belgian one: Everyday Sunscreen by Le Rub," De Craene says. "It’s a mineral sunscreen, with nourishing natural antioxidants and a silky formula that seamlessly absorbs onto my skin. It’s sustainably made with grape ferment extract, which stimulates natural Vitamin D production, along with hyaluronic acid and sweet almond for hydration. My tip: There is so much choice in sunscreen products, so choose one that's good for you and the planet!"

Lisa Oxenham, Beauty and Style Director, 'Marie Claire' UK

Lisa Oxenham relaxing under an umbrella in a black swimsuit.

Beauty and style director Lisa Oxenham opts for sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free sun protection when possible.

(Image credit: Lisa Oxenham)

"When I'm on holiday with my seven-year-old, it's all about simplifying, so we share a sunscreen—Childs Farm SPF 50+ Sun Cream," Oxenham says. "It's perfect because it's high SPF, ocean-friendly, and gentle enough for both my sensitive skin and my little beach buddy. It's dermatologist- and pediatrician-approved for infants as young as six months, which gives me peace of mind. Plus, it's water-resistant, free from octocrylene so as to protect the oceans, and comes in handy formats like a roll-on—great for quick applications. I also love that it uses 70 percent post-consumer recycled plastic for its packaging, is fully recyclable, and is certified vegan and cruelty-free. It ticks all the boxes for us, making beach days just a bit easier and more sustainable."

Cristina Torlaschi, Beauty Director, 'Marie Claire' Italy

A black and white photo of Cristina Torlaschi wearing sunglasses and a striped top.

When it comes to sun protection, beauty director Cristina Torlaschi doesn't forget her shades.

(Image credit: Cristina Torlaschi)

"In my country, people love sunbathing a lot and don’t use high SPF," Torlaschi says. "They think that if they don't use it, they won't look tan. It’s a hard belief to break down. Personally, my sunscreen routine is very strict and I wear SPF 50 all year long. I prefer blur formulas and city sunscreens; formulas that are light and slightly colored, but more lightweight than a foundation. Once, wearing a high SPF was very heavy, but formulas have generally improved over the last few years. In Italy, sea-friendly formulas and spray formulas are very popular right now. The latter are easy to use: You don’t have to massage them. Just spray and it’s done."

Esta Plakokefalou, Beauty Director, 'Marie Claire' Greece

Esta Plakokefalou laying on sand wearing a hat, brown top and striped pants.

Beauty director Esta Plakokefalou has a sunscreen routine for the city and the beach.

(Image credit: Esta Plakokefalou)

“I live in a country where the sun shines almost all year long," Plakokefalou says. "Sunscreen is the number one skincare product that we should use in Greece, but we don’t actually do that, which is the reason why I say should. For the city, I love the Capital Soleil UV Age Daily SPF 50+ from Vichy. It is so lightweight that you can use it every day, with or without makeup, and it doesn’t feel sticky at all. For the summer and beach days, for the face, I really like Anthelios UVmune 400 SPF 50 from La Roche Posay and Sunissime The Velvety Sun Fluid SPF 50 from Lierac. As for the body, I go either with Waterlover Sun Mist from Biotherm or with Lancaster’s Sun Beauty Nude Skin Sensation. I also love Ultimate Sun Protector Lotion SPF 50+ Sunscreen from Shiseido.”

Fernando Gomez, Director, 'Marie Claire' Argentina

Fernando Gomez Dossena sitting on a white lounge chair next to a blue and white Longines pillow.

Applying sunscreen daily is Marie Claire Argentina Director Fernando Gomez Dossena's advice.

(Image credit: Fernando Gomez Dossena)

"I live in the southern part of the American continent, where, due to the thinness of the ozone layer, solar radiation is very strong," Gomez says. "There are no excuses for not using sunscreen daily. I always apply SPF 50 every morning and reapply it throughout the day. Among my favorites are Chanel's protective fluid and L'Oréal Paris' UV Defender. Nowadays, sunscreens are also treatment creams, which means they are truly allies for skincare and aging."

Magdalena Fraj, Editor-in-Chief, 'Marie Claire' Spain

Magdalena Fraj in the sun with the ocean in the background

Originally from Poland, editor-in-chief Magdalena Fraj recommends only broad-spectrum sunscreens.

(Image credit: Magdalena Fraj)

"I think that sun protection is the most important thing when it comes to skincare, not only because it can reduce the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma, but also because it's the best anti-aging product," Fraj says. "I have been living in Spain for almost 10 years (I am originally from Poland) and when I got here, I learned that you have to use broad-spectrum sunscreen for UVA protection—it's not that I didn't use any sun protection in Poland, it's just that you need to use much more here in Spain. Also, now I know that when skin is tanned, it is a sign that damage has occurred, I always use bronzing makeup instead. I always use SPF 50, and I know that just because you apply a higher SPF, doesn’t mean you can stay in the sun longer or reapply less often. I also toss my sunscreen after a year, because the ingredients become inactive over time."

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