Where Is Taylor Swift’s Red Lip?

It’s a crucial part of the “Reputation” aesthetic.

taylor swift
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If Taylor Swift loves one thing in this world (aside from her fans, of course), it’s easter eggs. She’s a mastermind (pun intended) and has been known to drop (Taylor’s Version) hints with her manicures, her clothing choices, and her makeup aesthetics. So, when she showed up to the 2023 VMAs in a black dress and with an eyeliner wing sharp enough to be considered a weapon, Swifties instantly lost their minds. 

Why? It’s a clear nod to her “Reputation” album, which is rumored to be the next re-release following 1989 (Taylor’s Version) in October. Could she be announcing the drop later tonight? It remains to be seen, but a quick scan of social media proves that fans certainly think so. 

taylor swift

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And, while I’m the last person that wants to put a damper on Swiftie excitement, I can’t help but call out that we’re missing a key “Reputation” era factor: The red lip. For those not familiar with Taylor’s beauty back-log, allow me to explain. The singer-songwriter loves a ruby lip. Her go-to is Pat McGrath’s LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick in Elson 4. It’s been a staple on her Era’s tour and has been by her side for a large portion of her career. The red lip was especially relevant in her life during her "Reputation" era. 

Despite the missing feature, fans were quick to point out other outfit easter eggs. She wore a handful of necklaces to the music’s biggest night (five to be exact), which appears to be eerily similar to the “Reputation” album cover art. 

While rumors and hopes swirl among fans, it’s safe to say that the singer-songwriter has already had a successful night. She’s taken home the VMA for Song of the Year and Best Music Video of the Year, both for Anti-Hero. The song was featured on the Midnights album. 

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