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I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for new hair products. My hair, which is thin yet high density and curly, has always been a challenge to manage and style, especially since I insist on keeping it waist length. As a result, I own a huge array of hair products designed to both strengthen my strands and keep them in place, but these potions often fall short of one or both of those needs. 

Enter The Rootist, a new brand formulated by the makers of Farmacy Beauty. Each of the brand’s products, of which there are six so far, is formulated to improve the health and appearance of both the user’s scalp and their strands

“Conventional approaches to haircare typically address either hair or scalp—rarely both—and often do so without considering the ‘why’ issues arise, leading to products that only treat the symptoms, but not their (pardon the pun) root cause,” says Alison Yeh, Chief Brand Officer of The Rootist. “When it comes to strong, healthy hair, it's not just about the strands you see. Your hair, roots, and scalp are part of an ecosystem. All three need to be nurtured for the others to truly thrive. So, we focus on the roots, scalp and hair as one ecosystem, in every product. We believe that what impacts one, impacts the other, and that your strongest, healthiest hair can only take root when you consider the ultimate wellness of all three.”

And how does the brand accomplish this ambitious goal? By forgoing silicones and water-loaded products for concentrated products made even more potent by fermentation.

“We believe the future is ferment,” says Yeh. “And while fermentation has been a cornerstone of wellness for thousands of years, it took modern biotechnology to translate the benefits of fermentation to the roots, scalp and hair. Fermentation amplifies the power of ingredients that are already clinically effective, and makes them more compatible with roots, scalp and hair.” 

The brand even has its own patent-pending ingredient, Rootbiomic Ferment, which Yeh describes as “a multi-vitamin superfood designed for the ultimate wellness of your roots, scalp and hair,” and which the brand uses in place of water “to help anchor your roots, balance your scalp’s microbiome, and protect and strengthen your hair.” By minimizing the amount of water in their formulas, The Rootist also makes their products less wasteful.

Other ingredients The Rootist relies on include Chinese Skullcap Root, Red Ginseng Root, and Coffee Berry, which Yeh says “support a healthy hair cycle and fortify your roots,” while elements like Reishi Mushroom and Centella Asiatica “help bolster the scalp's protective barrier and promote a thriving scalp microbiome – which is a critical, but often overlooked aspect of healthy hair.” Overall, the line promises to enhance hair health so that your hair can look and feel better for longer. 

I’ve tried The Rootist’s products myself and can attest to their efficacy. Their BioBrew Fermented Strengthening Serum, in particular, is my new best friend. Lightweight and shine-enhancing, it works in just a few sprays and never renders my hair greasy. Plus, it smells divine. Yeh calls it the brand’s hero product, “a one stop shop for all your hair needs,” including frizz control 

“We formulated it to be applied to your roots, scalp, and hair, for both instant and over time benefits,” she says of the serum. “When you start thinking about the ecosystem, you’ll see stronger, healthier hair start to take root.”

As of today, you can shop The Rootist on Sephora’s website, an exclusive partnership borne out of Farmacy Beauty founder David Chung’s strong relationship with the beauty mega-giant. Below, The Rootists products that are destined to have a place in your beauty rotation.

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