Why Salons Wash Your Hair After Coloring It, According to a Colorist

Every color needs a good cleanse.

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If you've ever gotten your hair colored at a salon, you've probably noticed that even after your hairdresser has washed and colored your mane, they still apply yet another round of shampoo and conditioner to it for good measure. And if you're as curious as we are, you've probably wondered why this is the case. 

"Washing your hair, either before or after color in the salon in New York state is the law," explains Allison Gandolfo, celebrity hairstylist and designer colorist at the Zahir Ziani Salon. "It ensures you, the client, receive a thorough hair wash while getting a color service."

In other words, your post-color wash ensures that you're getting the full, complete service that you were guaranteed when you booked your hair appointment. And that's not the only reason hairstylists wash your hair after coloring it, either. That thorough rinse also prevents your locks from looking weighed down and greasy, Plus, washing it protects your scalp from nasty buildup.

"If hair isn’t washed after being colored, the color products can be left sitting on your scalp, which can get irritated," says Gandolfo. "It also may make your hair feel greasy and heavy." 

And, as anyone who's ever dealt with an irritated scalp knows, scalp irritation can result in dandruff, rashes, oiliness, and even stunted hair growth. After all, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and you can't have either if you're sitting with excess dye on at your roots. 

Ensuring a Color-Safe Wash

Although washing your hair after it's colored is in the best interest of your scalp and follicular health, you may, of course, be concerned that over-washing will dry out your hair or even dull the intensity of your new 'do. Gandolfo reassures us, though, that there's nothing to worry about.

"Washing right after color does not impact the intensity of the hair color," she reassures. "However, bright reds and intense rainbow colors will fade after multiple washes."

If you're concerned, speak with your colorist about how you can account for this, and what products you can use to maintain your new color for as long as possible. 

"The best shampoos to use after coloring your hair include sulfate-free shampoos and specific shampoos for color-treated hair," says Gandolfo. "You may also want to look for a color-treated shampoo that contains SPF if you live in a warm climate or are outside exposed to UV rays to protect your hair color."

Below, a few of the best options for that post-color wash. You can also consider a purple shampoo to retain highlights and prevent blonde or gray hair from going brassy, or a blue shampoo for maintaining your best brown yet. 

Meet the Expert

Allison Gandolfo
Allison Gandolfo

Allison Gandolfo is a hairstylist and designer colorist Zahir Ziani Salon, which is located in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel in New York City. 

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