Adele Pauses Concert to Defend Fan From Security Guard During Vegas Show


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Adele came to a fan's rescue during one of her recent Las Vegas residency concerts. The "Hello" singer paused her show to defend a man from a security guard. "What is going on with that young man there?" she says in the video footage that is currently circulating on social media. The singer can be seen pausing her song, "Water Under the Bridge," to handle the situation.

She continues, "He's been bothered so much since I came on for standing up. What's going on with him? Why are you bothering him? Can you leave him alone, please? They won't bother you again, my darling."

Other concertgoers can be heard yelling "Yes!" and "Queen!" There is also a lot of cheering in the background as Adele sticks up for her fan from the stage.

This isn't the first time a singer has paused a concert to defend a fan from a security guard. Recently, Taylor Swift did a similar thing when one of her fans was being harassed by security during The Eras Tour.

The singer was performing "Bad Blood" when she suddenly said, "She's fine," while pointing at the fans. She, in true Swift fashion, kept singing before adding, "She wasn't doing anything. Hey, stop! Stop."


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"Taylor noticed that I was having fun and that he didn't like it, and she didn't like it, and he basically got escorted out and then they offered us free tickets for tonight," Kelly, one of the fans, said of the incident. "It wasn't this big crazy thing, it was just a bunch of girls having a good time and he didn't want us to have fun."

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