Katie Holmes Almost Took Lead Role of Piper in Orange Is the New Black

Things could've been very different.

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Katie Holmes was almost cast in the role of Piper Chapman in Orange Is the New Black.

The Netflix show's creator Jenji Kohan revealed that she was a fan of Holmes and considered the former Dawson's Creek actress for the lead.

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Speaking at an event for the show at the DGA in West Hollywood yesterday (August 4), Kohan said: "You know, I met with her.

"She had other things to do," Kohan added. "And also in the beginning, no-one knew what this was."

E! Online also quotes Holmes as saying that the Emmy-nominated show is one of her favorite series.

At the same panel, actress Taylor Schilling - who plays prisoner Piper - added: "I'm a big fan of Katie Holmes. She could be friends with Lorna or like Lorna's Boston sister."

Meanwhile, actress Laura Prepon - who plays Alex - recently explained that her decreased presence in the show's second season was due to scheduling.

She was only seen in four episodes of season two, despite her character still being involved in a major story arc with Piper.

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