Kanye West Circa 2008 Already Liked Kim Kardashian, Also Kourtney

Never forget.

Second only to Yeezus rants and Kimye Paris Fashion Week spectacles, Kanye West's newly resurfaced 2008 blog is the most amusing thing we've seen from the rapper in a while. The internet dug up some gems from West's now-defunct site kanyeuniversecity.com and needless to say, it's a far cry from kanyewest.com. Piquing the most interest are his "Girl of the Week" posts, which not only put now-wife Kim Kardashian in the spotlight in 2008, but also her older sister Kourtney Kardashian a year later. Just adding to the awkwardness is the fact that Kourtney's featured image finds her in a bra and not much else. Le sigh. If you're wondering how West went about choosing which ladies to feature, he provides plenty of intel in the post below. But be forewarned, it's as mind-numbing as you'd expect:

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