Iowa Is Hilariously Using Taylor Swift Lyrics on Road Signs to Prevent Texting and Driving

*This* is actually why Old Taylor can't come to the phone.

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The Iowa Department of Transportation has gotten very creative when it comes to discouraging texting and driving. Every Monday, the department uses a new theme, BBC (opens in new tab) reports, and drivers are welcome to send in their own ideas. Recently, the overhead signs featured adapted Taylor Swift lyrics.

You know the line in "Look What You Made Me Do" when Swift announces that the Old Taylor can't come to the phone because she's dead? In Iowa's version, she can't come to the phone because she's driving.

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The messages on the signs can only be 18 characters and three lines long, so the Iowa Department of Transportation has to get creative to come up with pithy slogans that will stick with people—and hopefully succeed in getting them to ignore their phones while behind the wheel.

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They've also capitalized on other pop culture moments, like the Pokemon Go craze:

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And Star Wars day:

Well played, Iowa. Well played.

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