Demi Lovato Has a Good Reason for Showing So Much Skin Lately

A lot of confidence inspiration right here.

Demi Lovato
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You may have noticed a major difference in Demi Lovato's recent fashion choices (skin-baring bodysuits have seemingly found a permanent place in her wardrobe), but you probably don't know the inspiring reason behind her newly sexed-up style game. 

"It's extremely important for me to even embrace my body and my sexuality with showing more skin," the "Cool for the Summer" singer told People. "I think it's great."

The former Disney star, who has been open about her battle with body image issues, just wants to share her newfound confidence with her loyal Lovatics. 

"I went from being in a place where I was suffering from an eating disorder and hating every single inch of my body to now baring my legs and showing more skin in front of the whole world," she said. "And being proud of my body instead of loathing it. It's important for me to show people you can go from hating to yourself to loving yourself and being proud of your body and the skin your in."

Lovato shares that same sentiment throughout her new album, Confident (due Oct. 16), especially on the record's title-track. 

"When I give myself an hour, an hour and a half to focus solely on me, listening to the new album, getting hyped while working out and staying healthy, that meditation is what keeps me feeling confident, strong and inspired to be the best version of myself," she explained. "[I can] help empower women with this album and my strength."

Listen to "Confident" below:

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