Fans Think Kris Jenner Just Accidentally Revealed the Name of Kylie's Baby

Peep her newest Lip Kit shade....

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While Kylie Jenner did finally gift the world a mini documentary about her pregnancy, the reality star has yet to reveal the name of her daughter. And, naturally, the internet is now spending its time speculating.

In addition to a compelling theory that Kylie named her baby "Butterfly," fans think Kris Jenner may have actually revealed the baby's name while promoting Kylie's new Lip Kit shade. Behold this post from Kris a few days ago:

A quick scroll through the comments and you'll see that many people are convinced that Kylie has named her daughter Posie:

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It should also be noted (as People points out) that Posie could be a nickname short for Mariposa, the Spanish word for "butterfly"—which goes nicely with the previous theory that Kylie named her baby after everyone's favorite winged insect.

In any case, Kylie will presumably reveal the name of her baby in her own time. And judging from past experiences, said reveal could take up to nine months.


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