Was This Kim Kardashian's Way of Making Peace with Former Assistant Stephanie Shepherd?

The reality star cut ties with Shepherd back in November.

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It's the season of giving for Kim Kardashian. This Valentine's Day, the 36-year-old reality star and beauty mogul gifted all of her friends and family with her recently launched KKW fragrance. She also, however, sent that same perfume to her "haters," which she made a list of on sticky notes. Included in one of those lists, apparently, is former assistant Stephanie Shepherd, though it's unclear which one she made. (FWIW, she wasn't noted on the sticky notes...)

Shepherd, who was Kardashian's assistant for four years before Kim unexpectedly decided to cut ties with her, posted an Instagram of the "Ride or Die" perfume she received from Kardashian. Though nobody knows what *really* happened between the co-workers turned friends, there's clearly been some tension between her and Shepherd—who also happened to be close with sisters Kourtney and Khloé before she was fired.

Back in November, fans speculated Shepherd might have shaded Kardashian in an Instagram post by posting a quote related to her and Kardashian's situation. Though that's still unconfirmed by Kardashian herself, the bigger question still remains: Was the gift to Shepherd a way of making peace, or simply another hater on Kardashian's list?


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