Kate Hudson Loves Drinking and Astrology: "As an Aries, Red Is My Power Color"

Good thing she's Campari's newest calendar girl.

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Kate Hudson walks into a room full of reporters from around the world who have all gathered here for one moment—the unveiling of a calendar. (Yes, truly.) But this is a *big* deal for two reasons: 1) It's the launch of the 2016 Campari calendar, a prestigious work that features a high profile celebrity every year paired with a theme, background, and awesome photographer 2) It's Kate Hudson, in the flesh. Any questions?

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Actually, quite a few. Reporters ask her everything from her favorite Campari drink (it's a negroni), to who she's voting for in the election (Hillary), to how she balances her life being a mom (she earlier said she hates those types of questions, since they end up sounding preachy, but someone asked it anyway). We learn that she beats hangovers by working out (?!) or having a bloody mary, that she's half-Sicilian, and that she had a crush on the model she posed with for the calendar ("he was so gorgeous"). She (smartly) avoids any questions about her love life by stating, in an aside on how her brother and her like to take care of each other's kids so they can have nights out, that she's "single" and that *she* is "supposed to be the one going out!"

But after the hubbub dies down and it's just the two of us sitting on a couch in The Standard, the mood is much more calm. And Hudson, after a long day of talking to press, is still her usual charming self. I honestly don't know how she manages it all...but I don't dare ask her that. (See above.) Instead, we talk about her favorite shoot moments, her new role playing Richard Pryor's wife in his biopic, and throwing your clothes on the floor. Not to mention, our three-minute ramble about astrology, which I've—as a gift to you–left out. (You're welcome.) 

Marie Claire: The looks in this calendar are absolutely stunning. Did you have a favorite? 

Kate Hudson: The sparkly gown look for December was probably my favorite, though I kind of loved them all. 

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MC: Was there any makeup takeaways from the looks you did?

KH: Honestly, this makeup artist was just amazing. I didn't really watch her, because she would just transform my face. She was incredible. I would just sit and wait. [Laughs]

MC: When you're not getting the full glam treatment, are there any beauty products you swear by?

KH: I love the tinted moisturizer by Hourglass. It's so good, I'm really liking it, and that's new for me. I just started using it. And I like Jouer. And they have a really pretty, sort of not a liquid but sort of a cream eye pencil, that's so beautiful. I like the bronzed color. I love the Chanel bronzer. I like the Tom Ford bronzer. I love bronzer...

MC: Is that like your #1 thing you have to be wearing?

KH: I just feel like bronzer adds the warmth and makes you more sunny and alive and awake and it sort of brightens everything up. 

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MC:  Is there something in your wardrobe that you feel the same way about—that makes you feel more alive?

KH: White. When in doubt, wear white. I think white is a very important color just spiritually, and I think when you're feeling that way white is a great color to wear.

MC: Earlier you had mentioned you like to wear red because you're an Aries...

KH: Yeah, well, I'm *supposed* to wear red. White and creams are really what I gravitate towards, but yeah I will make myself wear more color. Reds are great for fire signs. 

Ed note: Insert a 3-minute talk about astrology, what fire signs and air signs have in common, how aquarians are wacky, etc.

MC: Are you a big jewelry person? Is there anything where, when you don't wear it, you feel naked?

KH: I'm a big rings person...and bracelets...and earrings. I love all of it [Laughs]. One time, I was getting off an airplane and I had been traveling for like a month in Europe, and I came from the airplane right to my mom's house who I hadn't seen in awhile, and she looked at me and she goes, "Is it possible to fit any more jewelry on you? Is that actually possible?" And I looked down and, because when I travel I don't like to pack my jewelry so I end up wearing a ton of it, and I had just had everything on me. And I love buying jewelry when I travel—so there was a lot.

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MC: Is there anyone you consider a style icon? 

KH: I love the 70s aesthetic, I always have. So for me it's been Anita Pallenberg, Julie Christie, even my mom. Meryl Streep always had this very specific look that I really love. I really appreciate people who have their own thing going on and stick to it—super authentic. The people who wear something and you're just like "oh, it looks so good!" it's because it's them. They're not trying to be anything. Like when you look at Diane Keaton—I just love her. I love her whole thing, because it's just her. Same with my mom. 

"I really appreciate people who have their own thing going on and stick to it—super authentic."

My mom has never liked anything that's constricting on her neck and she likes things to flow, and she doesn't like having too many layers, you know, anything that's too much—even in the wintertime. Underneath it's probably like a tank top and, whatever is comfortable, and then the second she gets in the house it's like she sheds the layers. And she's always been like that. She's 70, and she's still wearing the things she wore in the 80s. I appreciate people like that, who know who they are and what they like to wear—and have fun with it. Like, you can see that they enjoy expressing themselves.

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MC: Is there any style advice your mom has given you that you live by? 

KH: Not my mom, but someone said something really fabulous to me one time, because I keep all my clothes and I have an archive, and I just love clothes. And I cherish them and I remember what seasons they're from. But someone said to me as I was having trouble with styling a dress that I had bought, and he said to me: "Throw it on the floor." And I was like, "What? It's like a gown." He goes, "Throw it on the floor," and I did, and he's like that's how you need to wear everything. You wear clothes like you throw them on the floor. 

And I thought that's such a great thing to think in your head, but it doesn't mean you *actually* throw your clothes on the floor, but the idea is that you shouldn't overthink it. Just because you're wearing something that's like a gown or what have you, you should wear it like you can take your shoes off and put your feet up and what I realized is that most people I love fashion-wise, they wear clothes like that. An ease to it. I thought that was a nice tool.

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MC: Is there any designer you gravitate towards?

KH: My go-tos? I'm loving Chloe, the last season was just amazing. Isabel Marant is my always. Stella McCartney always. And I'm liking Alexander Wang—he's making really cool, timeless things. Classic but with a bit of an edge. Gucci—I love the color that's happening now.

MC: Before we wrap up, I know you're starring in the Richard Pryor movie—Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?—as Jennifer Lee Pryor. What made you want to take on the project?

KH: I mean. Everything. It's Lee Daniels, it's a story that people have been wanting to tell—it's a very intense story. I'm so honored to be part of it. I can't wait. 

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