Kate Middleton Steps Out in Black After Her BAFTA Dress Controversy

Kate Middleton stepped out in a black Erdem dress after BAFTAs controversy.

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Kate Middleton wore a black-and-white Erdem dress to co-host the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange reception yesterday—an interesting choice considering the major backlash she received for not wearing a black gown in support of the #TimesUp movement at the BAFTAs earlier this weekend.

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While most female attendees wore black on the red carpet in support of the movement, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a green gown with a black sash, which some felt wasn't enough of a statement.

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Twitter users made it clear that they were less than thrilled by Kate's choice to seemingly ignore #TimesUp.

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Reminder: Royals aren't supposed to be political (though is supporting women who have experienced harassment/abuse in the workplace really a political statement or just a call for basic human decency?), so Kate's decision to wear black post-BAFTAs could be (we hope) a subtle nod to the movement.

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