Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Touched Yesterday

Calm yourself.

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Today in news that is so important that it warrants an alert on my phone: Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn touched yesterday.


I know.

Have you picked yourself up off the floor to read WHERE yet?

Would you hike in these jeans, Joe?!
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The two were photographed in Malibu on a hike, like normals. This is the first time they've been seen together since December when they were "spotted hand in hand," according to E! News.

Swift wore shorts and a tank, for what was reportedly a 90-minute hike, while Alwyn chose the slightly less practical jeans and a T-shirt combo. I'd call this out for being odd (wasn't he hot? don't jeans chafe?), but once, my boyfriend wore a fancy button-down shirt when we went on a hike on an 80-degree day and he didn't sweat one drop. Meanwhile, I got a supreme sunburn in my weather-appropriate workout top so...who am I to judge?!

Anyway, Swift and her British beau didn't appear to be troubled by their athletic-wear (or lack thereof). According to an onlooker they had a grand old time: "They appeared very comfortable in one another's company and seemed to be enjoying their time together—despite having a bodyguard following their every move," the source said. "They were deep in conversation for most of the hike and their attention was focused solely on one another."

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Two appeared to be in a "good mood and seemed very relaxed," the source continued. Though I have a feeling being followed by the paparazzi during a hike didn't help the mood.

Anyway, you can check out the photos and get some hiking (or touching!) inspo here.

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