Here Are the Best Twitter Reactions to the Royal Wedding

The internet had a LOT of thoughts.

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One of the greatest things about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding (besides being a historic moment full of A-list attendees, and Meghan's incredible dress) is that it took place in the age of social media.

So it wasn't just the TV correspondents and onlookers in Windsor who could weigh in on the royal nuptials—we got to hear from the entire internet instead. Here are some of our favorites so far.

On Meghan's Givenchy wedding dress:

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...and her dramatic exit:

On Pippa's (ahem) beverage-inspired dress:

On Harry's ex, Chelsy Davy, having some very conflicted feelings about today:

On unrealistic expectations for what this day would be:

On the existential disappointment over Princess Eugenie and Beatrice's toned-down fascinators and wedding lewks:

On art imitating Lifetime:

On ... kind of recognizing who tied the knot:

On what kind of castles *really* matter:

On wedding guest David Beckham, thirst trap:

...and his love for the bishop:

On Doria Ragland's touching show of emotion:

On the lengths we'll go to watch people we don't know get married:

...and how disillusioned it's made everyone hoping to find love:

...and again...

...but we still do it anyways:

On having your old TV show congratulate you on becoming royalty over Twitter:

On not having to sing when everyone else does:

On the #inspo behind Amal Clooney's very yellow hat:

On the Queen's lime green ensemble:

The Queen in lime green
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On being three and OVER IT:

On not hiding your thoughts on the *best* royal wedding ever:

On discovering new members of the royal family to obsess over:

On dubious royal wedding merch:

Follow along here as we report on the royal wedding in real-time—from the dress to the tiara to Harry and Meghan's most adorable moments.

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