The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Hillary Clinton's Hot Nephew

He's causing quite the social media meltdown.

Marie Claire
(Image credit: Marie Claire)

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton gave the speech of a lifetime at the Democratic National Convention (and made way more than a fashion statement in her sleek white pantsuit)—but the Internet can't help itself, and in the midst of the political history-making, it succumbed to its baser desires. Namely: her super-hot nephew, Tyler Clinton.

The model-esque young man was spotted by many as he joined Aunt Hill on stage at the end of the evening to give her a warm hug and chase balloons with Uncle Bill. See, he's the one in the blue tie:


The site did some digging to find out exactly who this smokin' stud of a guy is, and discovered Tyler Clinton is the 18-year-old son of Bill Clinton's half-brother Roger Clinton. They also report that he is a model, and recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University, where his uncle delivered the commencement speech. We're a little unclear on how he is a college graduate at only 18 years of age… so we're guessing he's probably actually a little older than that. Which we're not mad about.

Regardless, Twitter is practically flooded from all the lustful drooling that's happening right now.

In case you want to see more photos of this handsome young Clinton (and you know you do), check out photographer Adina Doria's website here. You're welcome.

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