When President Trump Called Kim Kardashian, She Was Totally Naked

She confessed on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

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Remember that day when Kim Kardashian stopped by at the White House and hung out with Trump? Yeah, that was pretty weird, but it turns out the reality star’s connection to the President got off to a strange start right from the get-go. Kim has revealed that her first phone call with the actual President of the United States involved wearing absolutely no clothes from her end, so we can only hope that he can't say the same thing. Shudder.

Becoming almost a parody of her own wonderful existence, Kim revealed that she was completely, head-to-toe butt naked when she received her direct call from Donald Trump earlier this year. Spilling the insane story on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the mom-of-three revealed that she’d been in the middle of a nude Steven Klein photo shoot when the President Of The United States called her personally about Alice Marie Johnson.

Kim, who was advocating the release of the 62-year-old grandmother at the time, recalled: "I’m naked and my phone rings and I’m all glammed up. I put a robe on, I was in a robe, and I was kinda bugging out during the shoot because I’m like 'Oh, my God, all these amazing things are happening.'" In true Kim style, she went straight back to the day job as soon as the POTUS chat was over, as she explained: ”I’m still going to be me, so I'm like doing the shoot."

The amazingly awkward revelation lead to Kimmel asking whether or not she’d told Trump that she was naked at the time. The joke was that, if she had, the entire prison would have been released. Ayooo.

At the time of their meeting, Trump shared a picture of the two and wrote: “Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing.” So if someone could work on making this into an episode of Black Mirror, that would be great.

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