If Meghan Markle Gets Pregnant, Watch Out For This Telltale Sign

It comes from a 2011 interview with Meghan.

Meghan Markle
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With the royal wedding a fading memory memory, fans of the royal family have recently turned their attention to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry taking the next step in their relationship. Amid desperate cries from the rest of us of “Can we just please let them live," all bets are now on as to when the couple will announce that they’re expecting their first baby. But, if you’re firmly on the side that’s eagerly anticipating a pregnancy announcement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, there’s one all-important sign that you should be watching out for that might give the game away before any official news breaks.

Before becoming a member of the royal family, ex-actress Meghan spoke candidly in interviews about her favorite beauty treatments and haircare, revealing back in 2011 that she often opts for semi-permeant straightening treatments to achieve her perfectly sleek locks. “My mum is black and my dad is Dutch and Irish, so the texture of my hair is densely curly,” Meghan revealed about her natural hair. “I’ve been getting Brazilian blowouts for a couple of years.”

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Royal expert Myka Meier, who runs the Plaza Hotel’s Duchess Effect etiquette courses (wow, sign me up), told The Sun’s Fabulous that any future signs of Meghan’s naturally curly hair could indicate a pregnancy. “The one thing that might be interesting is her hair,” she explained. “We don’t know what she does now, but it is likely she uses a keratin or a Brazilian treatment to straighten it. As soon as she gets pregnant she will no longer be able to use those same products which could be very interesting.”

Predicting a change in Meghan’s signature style before a royal baby arrives, Meier continued: “I think we’ll see her wearing more of a bun when that happens, which could be a tell tale sign she is pregnant as she’ll no longer be able to use those stringent chemicals that are often used or that beautiful glossy look.”

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Anyone who’s expecting baby news in the near future may be disappointed, however. While Prince Harry himself has said that they hope to “start a family in the near future”, the couple still have a busy schedule to get through first. It’s predicted that the 33-year-old Duke and the 36-year-old Duchess will complete their tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the Kingdom of Tonga at the very least, before throwing morning sickness and a baby bump into the chaos.

We all on the look out for natural hair and updos? Eyes open, please.

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