Prince Harry Was Asked About Having Kids and Gave the Cheekiest Answer

This is why we love him.

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Having tied the knot back in May, the next question on everybody’s lips regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was: Whether they can please get their own reality TV show because I would binge-watch the crap out of that. The second question was: Exactly when they might be thinking of settling down to have children together.

While initial reports originally suggested that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were keen to start a family straight away after the royal wedding–and that Meghan couldn’t wait to become a mom for the first time–the hectic travel plans and endless public appearances seem to have taken priority in their new life as a married couple for now.

But, during the royals’ recent trip to Dublin, the 33-year-old Prince had the most Harry-esque response ready when he was quizzed about when we can all expect the arrival of the first ginger haired, freckle-faced, little one. Hello! revealed how fan and well-wisher, Elaine Adam-Stewart joked that Harry and Meghan should follow her own example and have five children, but he didn’t seem to keen on the idea. Elaine told the Duke: "My husband also has red hair and he gave me five children—when are you and Meghan going to get going?" (wow, okay, Elaine), to which he quickly and cheekily confirmed: "Five children? Too many.”

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While Harry has seemingly confirmed that at least one royal baby could be on the horizon one of these days, the world probably shouldn’t expect a pregnancy announcement for at least a little while. It’s thought that Meghan first hopes to return home to the U.S. to catch up with family and friends some time soon, before she and Harry embark on their first royal tour this coming October. The royal couple are expected to visit Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Kingdom of Tonga together, with a tour of the U.S. also penciled in for spring 2019.

So, with all of those impending, highly anticipated outfit changes to think about, it's no wonder that a baby isn't top of the list right now.

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