Kiss Your Paycheck Goodbye, Because These Are Meghan Markle's Go-To Beauty Products

Princess face beat in 3, 2, 1....

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Meghan Markle is making the coveted transition from normal human being into "hi, I'm about to be royalty," so clearly she's doing something right. And the time has come to cop her vibes.

The Suits actress is known for her fresh-faced beauty look, and her makeup artist Min Min Ma is sharing the go-to products she uses to create Meghan's "sun-kissed complexion, soft smoky eyes in bronzy, earthy tones and soft nude pink/coral lips."

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"Meghan has naturally gorgeous skin, so I do very light skin makeup to ensure her freckles remain visible and [use] a bit of under-eye concealing," Min Min tells E!. "Also I try to use as little face powder as [possible] to ensure her skin is looking glowy at all times."

Min Min preps Meghan for her face glow with "a generous coat" of the DECL√ČOR Aromessence Rose D' Orient Soothing Oil Serum (she uses their Aroma Nutrition Nourishing Rich Body Cream on her body), and preps her eyes with G.M. Collin Instant Radiance Eye Patches.

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When it comes to coverage, Min Min uses "a few droplets of Chanel VitaLumi√®re Aqua in #50 with YSL Touche √Čclat in #6. But that "glowy, sun-kissed complexion" Meghan's known for? It's all thanks to Jane Iredale Bronzer in Peaches and Cream.

Go forth.

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