These Prince Harry Throwback Photos From His Dorm Room Are Everything

If you look carefully, you can spot his poster of a half-naked model.

Prince Harry With Dogs
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If your long-term career plan still involves mastering that time machine, heading back ten years or so and capturing a handsome prince of England for yourself, this might help (although, hey, don’t do Meghan dirty like that). Throwback photos of Prince Harry’s time at Eton College have arrived, and the personal, heartwarming glimpses into his teenage bedroom are worth their weight in gold.

Providing further proof that the Duke of Sussex is definitely the most down-to-earth royal family member out there, the images capturing Harry at boarding school are refreshingly normal, and prove how difficult it must have been to juggle his life as a Prince and a teenager. Harry allowed photographers into his Berkshire school back in 2003, when he was just 18 years old and had completed his final exams.

Look carefully at the photo of Harry against his desk wall and you might be able to spot some toothpaste, a can of deodorant, cups of tea and a hifi system that any early '00s teen would be green with envy over. There are also the obligatory half-naked models, because let’s not forget this was the beginning his rebellious phase.

Most importantly, a photograph of his late mother, Princess Diana, takes pride of place on Harry’s desk.

Portraits of H.R.H. Prince Harry

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Prince Harry At His Desk

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For anyone wondering why Harry seems to be dressed for a formal dance in these photos, that was actually the uniform that students at the all-boys' college were required to wear. It included a black tailcoat, matching waistcoat, false-collar, bow tie and pinstriped trousers, so all that was missing was the Hogwarts cloak.

Prince Harry Sits At Desk

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Clothing, Leg, Formal wear, Trousers, Suit, Waist, Style,

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Prince was a popular and successful guy during his time at boarding school. As well as collecting impressive exam results before leaving, Harry was also House Captain of Games at Eton, and represented his school at rugby, cricket and polo, and was a member of the Combined Cadet Force. If it was possible, he probably would have been prom king, too.

Little did you know how much you needed a photograph of 18-year-old Prince Harry making toast for himself in a bow tie.

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