Prince Harry Used This Secret Fake Name on Social Media in College

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Prince Harry
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For anyone who spent their youth hunting for a handsome British ginger prince on Facebook, it may be painful to hear that your man was in plain sight all along. Apparently Prince Harry used a secret fake name across his social media profiles throughout his college years, and if ONLY you’d kept searching just that little bit further, then you could probably be Meghan Markle right now.

While some elements of Prince Harry’s life as royalty are of course incredible, the lack of privacy would be enough to drive any young person crazy—especially while trying to keep a normal social life through college. So it totally makes sense that, in order to keep his profiles as private as possible, Harry apparently went by the online alias of ‘Spike Wells’ right up until 2012.

The Telegraph explains that, thanks to his old hairstyle, Harry’s nickname from friends and family is Spike which explains the pseudonym. It matches up neatly with a Facebook profile under the name of Spike Wells, which reportedly had over 400 friends "including some of Britain’s richest young men and women". However, the mysterious Spike Wells later disappeared and removed his profile in the wake of THAT Las Vegas scandal, when the now Duke of Sussex was pictured naked and partying at a luxury hotel six years ago.

Prince Harry Visits Lesotho

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Similarly, it's been claimed that Prince William opted for a similar privacy technique by asking college friends to use a secret name of 'Steve' whenever they referred to him. And, just this week, Harry’s cousin Princess Beatrice had her own secret Instagram account revealed by supermodel Karlie Kloss. While Beatrice is permitted to manage her own social media, royal family members with formal working roles such as Harry, William, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle who are forbidden from having their own social media accounts. Meghan deleted all traces of her previously huge social media platforms back in January.

Sigh. There go all your dreams of playing FarmVille, sharing memes and sending pokes to the elusive Spike Wells.


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